What is Cafe?

Wikipedia says Café is a type of restaurant which usually serves coffee and snacks.

As a public social place, people gather together her e to have some coffee, tea or just enjoy the music and reading.

To most of the café owners and baristas, it might be just a tool to make livings. 

But to more and other people, café is a lifestyle, it's attitude of living, it's a poetry even Eden for themselves.

I always believe that we are all born to be lonely but no one deserves to embrace it.

The story of Cafe, tell your passion for coffee, meet with some sincere friends and share your own café culture.

In Shanghai, in The story of Cafe, let's make it real like Zweig's Vienne café…


Overview of CAFEEX

Event: CAFEEX 2022

Time: 2022

Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizer: Chinno Exhibitions

Exhibits: Independent cafes, coffee roastery, tea shops

Size: 100+ exhibitors


Features 7 Highlights

1. Products selling during the exhibition is available.

2. Branding by booth attraction, QR Code scanning and brochure distribution.

3. Several championships and forum concurrent with the exhibition help to attract more visitors and professionals.

4. Social media promotion for exhibitors. Exhibitors could provide us a promotional video about their brands and we will upload on our Offical wechat account CAFEEX.

5. Exhibitors could display their products at the lucky-draw area and distribute to visitors for free. (Non-mandatory, it all depends on exhibitors themselves. )

6. Three advantages of the Story of Cafe Area

    Excellent timing for holiday marketing as it is tourism peak in Summer holiday July.

    Shenzhen as the newly rising coffee consumption market is an smart choice for marketing.

    This area will be located near to the lucky draw booth which helps to attract more visitors. 

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