Bakery Workshop 2022


With the upgrading levels of consumption and the appearance of a great variety of imported bakery, Chinese bakery market and people's perceptions for bakery changed as well.  




Bakery Workshop is also known as bakery sharing session or bakery seminar;

It is aimed to promote the ways of making handmade bakery and to boost the consumption of high quality bakery;

To show your unique creativity and to attract more potential consumers and visitors;

To share your different experience in bakery-making, and to promote the bakery culture. 


If you have any special creative idea or innovative product, and you are willing to share;

Never miss the bakery Workshop!



Venue & Time: 


Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center




Exhibitors who are willing to make bakery on-site during the exhibition.



Workshop Request

1. Be able to present and explain the chocolate making procedures

2. Workshop booth should be no less than 36㎡ (raw space booth).

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