Visit Time




Visiting Procedure


1. Buy tickets on site during the exhibition day. 

2. Single-day Ticket costs RMB100. (Cash, Alipay and Wechat Pay are all available on-site)

3. Collect the tickets and get into the exhibition hall. 

4. Visitors pre-ordered tickets online could collect tickets by showing your order information at the entrance hall. 

Key Notices

1. The organizer of Bakery Expo Shenzhen 2022 reserves the right to refuse anyone to enter the exhibition hall. 

2. The organizer reserves the right to get visitors out of exhibition hall as those who conduct promotion without consent of organizer, or excessively collect exhibitors' information, request to buy things, make loud noises / destroy the public property, or take samples excessively to cause unpleasant feelings to others. 

3. The on-site registration counter is located in the entrance hall of the exhibition center. 

4. Stop visitors' entering 30 minutes prior the expo closes. 

5. Visitors with media press cards could obtain a free ticket after confirm the identitified with press cards and identity cards (passports). 

6. All visitors please dress neatly. 

7. Special Note: visitors with tickets of the CAFEEX Shenzhen Coffee and Drinks Expo 2022 do not need to buy tickets for the BAKERY EXPO SHENZHEN 2022! Tickets are available for both of the exhibitions as they are concurrent. 

Please note the tickets are NOT refundable once sold!


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